How To Care For Your Wood Cutting Boards

Clean lint free cloth (I use cheesecloth)
Spatula or lemon and salt (your preference)
Mineral Oil/Beeswax Board Cream (I love Boos Block Board Cream)
Wood cutting board

Initial treatment:  Wipe your wood cutting board down with a wet cloth and a mild detergent, rinse and allow to air dry completely.  Make sure your cutting board is clean and dry. 

Apply a quarter size amount of board cream to your cutting board.  Use a lint free cloth to apply the cream in a single even layer.  Follow the grain of the wood.  Allow cream to absorb overnight and wipe off any excess cream in the morning.  Treat all sides of the board.

Repeat this process until the board no longer absorbs the cream, for a new board this may take 4 or 5 applications.

Daily care:  be sure to clean your board after use with a mild dish soap and water.  Do not soak your board.  It can absorb water and warp.  Allow board to dry completely.

You can clean your board by scraping the surface with a spatula or gently scrubbing with lemon and course salt.  After cleaning, allow to dry completely and reapply board cream.

To maintain your board you will need to treat it regularly.  How often depends on you.  Once a month works for me, but if you use your cutting board more often or less often you may adjust your schedule according to your needs.

Do not allow liquid to stand on board.  Wipe clean as quickly as possible.  Take care of them and you can enjoy your boards for years to come!

How-to developed by Donna Elick - The Slow Roasted Italian
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