Preserving Lemons in the Freezer

Here is what you will need
cutting board
sharp knife (I used my chef's knife)
1 citrus zester (I used a box cheese grater-small grate)
1 measuring cup
2 ice cube trays
a juicer (I used an enameled aluminum lemon squeezer)
resealable plastic snack bags
3 good quality heavy duty freezer bags

Start by washing your lemons in a sink full of temperate water and dish soap.  Allow them to dry.  Taking one lemon at a time remove a thin layer of the zest off the lemon.  Do not remove the white pith, it is very bitter.  Once your lemons are zested, set them aside.  Place 2 tablespoons of lemon zest in each resealable plastic snack bag.  Place all snack bags in a freezer storage bag and mark the date, and 2 tablespoons lemon zest on the outside bag.  Place in freezer and remove as needed.  Remember you will need the zest to thaw out before using.

Place one lemon half at a time in juicer of choice (is using the lemon squeezer, be sure to place it in the squeezer upside down to get the most juice out).  Squeeze juice into measuring cup.

Once you have collected 2 cups of juice pour the lemon juice into an ice cube tray.  I use the 2 standard plastic ice cube trays and each holds 2 tablespoons (also 1/8 cup) of lemon juice.  2 cups per tray.

Once frozen (lemon juice cubes will remain tacky, from the sugar) place lemon juice cubes in a freezer storage bag and place that bag inside another bag.  Lemon juice cubes and lemon zest will keep in the freezer (if well packaged) for 6 months or more.

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