Sun-dried Tomatoes

60 Roma tomatoes, ripe

Fill your sink with warm soapy water and wash tomatoes thoroughly.  Remove and drain water.  Core tomatoes and slice in half vertically.

Place tomatoes on trays.  You can fit 30 tomato halves on each of the Excalibur trays.

Place them in dehydrator and allow to dry for 12 -18 hours, until they have no moisture remaining in the tomato.

Place in an air tight container and store in the pantry/refrigerator/freezer to be used as needed.  They will keep for at least 1 year in the refrigerator/freezer.  Storing in the pantry, in a cool and dark place, they will keep for at least 1 year.  However if there is ANY moisture present it can cause mold to grow.  So, to be safe I store them in my freezer.


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