Dried Banana Coins

bunches bananas, ripe
lemon juice concentrate (with a sprayer bottle top)

Peel your bananas, one bunch at a time.  Remove any brown spots.  Spritz each lightly with lemon juice after you peel it.  Line bananas up next to each other and slice them 1/4" thick.

After banana's are sliced, place them on your dehydrator tray.  Lay them out on the tray not overlapping.  Once they are on your dehydrator tray, spritz with lemon juice lightly.

Dehydrate according to manufacturers directions.  Remove from dehydrator once bananas are pliable (not hard).   Keep in an airtight container.

OVEN NOTE:  If baking in the oven, place a metal cooling rack on top of a cookie sheet and then place the banana's on your cooling rack.  Bake in oven at 125° for 12-18 hours (until bananas are dehydrated to your liking).


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