Dried Apple Chips

27 apples, fresh, and ripe (6-8 pounds)
lemon juice concentrate (with a spray nozzle attached to the bottle)

Remove all the stickers and wash the apples.  Put apples in a clean sink and fill with luke-warm water and Palmolive.  Palmolive and warm water work best for cleaning produce.

Remove apples from soapy water and rinse well.  Peel apples 3 at a time.  Be sure to remove any brown spots.  You can core them now using an apple corer.  Or simply use a small cookie cutter to core the apple after slicing it.

Using a mandoline slicer, slice the apple into medium thickness slices.  Place on tray of dehydrator.  Spray apple slices with lemon juice concentrate.

Place trays in dehydrator and turn to 135° and dehydrate for 8-14 hours.

OVEN NOTE:  You can dehydrate these in your oven by setting oven temperature to 135°, place apple slices on a cooling rack set into a cookie sheet.  Bake for 8-14 hours.

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